Hotelier and Industrialist Gautam Kapoor

Hotelier and Industrialist Gautam Kapoor told CM

Jalandhar: During the meeting ceremony, Punjab’s big hotelier and industrialist Gautam Kapoor apprised the CM about the problems being faced by the industry and hotels industry. He said that to take Punjab again on the path of development, now we will have to clap not with two hands but with three hands. Along with the government, the industry and bureaucrats will also have to contribute fully, only then Punjab will again become the number 1 state in the coming 10 years.

He said that Jalandhar is the center point of Punjab and it also has a big contribution in the exports of Punjab. Praising the efforts of CM Bhagwant Singh Mann to promote the industry, Gautam Kapoor said that the Punjab government is making good efforts. He said that there is a need to build a convention center in Jalandhar to promote the industry. A hi-tech convention center should be constructed in which industrialists can organize exhibitions.

He appreciated the efforts of the Punjab Government and demanded that these meetings should be held regularly after a few months. Gautam Kapoor also raised the issue regarding the 500 kilowatt cap imposed on the industry in the case of solar systems.

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