Bihar government releases caste census report, backward classes 27.1 percent

New Delhi: The Bihar government has released the data of caste census. The state has the highest population of the most backward classes. 
        At the same time, backward classes constitute 27.1 percent of the total population. In the Bihar caste-based survey, the total population has been stated to be more than 13 crores. There was a lot of pressure to release this report of the Bihar government soon. Now finally on Monday, other officials, including the Chief Secretary, have released this report.
      Bihar Additional Chief Secretary Vivek Kumar Singh said that the report of the caste-based census conducted in Bihar has been released. In Bihar, backward classes are 27.13%, extremely backward classes 36.01%, general classes 15.52%. 
      The total population of Bihar is more than 13 crore. Muslims constitute 17.07 per cent of Bihar’s population. 63 percent of the total population is OBC, EBC.
       According to the caste survey, the total population of Scheduled Castes in Bihar is 2,56,89,820. And they are 19.65 percent of the total population. At the same time, the population of Scheduled Tribes in Bihar is 21. 99 lakh. The highest population in the state is from the most backward class. Their number is 4. 70 crore. 

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