Stubble burning: Punjab govt to make red entries in revenue records of farmers for burning crop residue

Mohali News: The Punjab government is fully geared up to stop the incidents of stubble burning. As many as 776 nodal officers have been appointed to prevent farmers from burning crop residue. 
       This time, action will be taken against the farmers for burning stubble and the administration will also honor the farmers who cooperate by not burning the crop. Cases will also be registered under various sections for non-cooperation,agriculture officials sad familiar with the matter. 
      Also, a red entry will be made in the revenue records of farmers. Due to this, farmers will not be able to get loans from banks. 
      The government is seeking a list of farmers from the district administrations, whose fields have been exposed through satellite images of burning stubble during the last 16 days. This year, the government has assured the Central government and the Central Air Quality Management Commission that stubble burning in the state will be banned at all costs.

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