Hospital Explosion in Gaza: Syria denounces attack on hospital, blames Israel for the attack

International Desk: The Syrian Foreign Ministry has denounced the attack on a hospital in the Gaza Strip, condemning it as a barbaric act and a testament to the deep-seated animosity of Israel.

In a statement, the ministry described the attack as one of the most appalling atrocities in modern history and the actions as a disturbing escalation of violence and aggression, emphasizing the need for accountability. The statement called for international intervention to curb the flagrant human rights abuses perpetrated by Israel.

At least 500 people were killed when a rocket hit the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza on Tuesday evening, according to Palestinian sources. The Gaza-based health ministry said the airstrikes were carried out by Israel, while the Israeli military said the Islamic Jihad organization is responsible for the “failed shooting” that targeted Israel.


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