Indian Govt to repatriate Indian Nationals from Israel-Palestine; launches ‘Operation Ajay’

Here's all you need to know about Operation Ajay

National Desk: Militants of Gaza launched an unprecedented strike at Israel which sparked war between Israel and Gaza killing hundreds of people on both sides. Militants of Palestine have made nearly hundred people hostages which also includes some foreign nationals and in return Prime Minister of Isarel Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed for the destruction of Hamas. As per latest updates Israel has bombed nearly 200 locations in Gaza. It has already announced complete seize of Gaza blocking supply of all the amenities.

The growing tension between Israel and Palestine is of concern for India as nearly 18,000 thousand Indians are currently in Israel as per Ministry of external Affairs. This also includes nearly 1,000 students from India who are residing in Israel for higher education.

In order to evacuate Indian Nationals from war hit Israel and Palestine, Indian government has launched ‘Operation Ajay’ which will ensure the repatriation of Indians residing there. Under operation Ajay, Indian government will be sending special planes to bring back the nationals to India. It is also said that help of Indian navy will be taken if any unforeseen situation arises.

Minister of External affairs, Dr. S Jaishankar took to X and shared information on Operation Ajay. He said “Launching #OperationAjay to facilitate the return from Israel of our citizens who wish to return. Special charter flights and other arrangements being put in place. Fully committed to the safety and well-being of our nationals abroad.”

The registration is underway and as per reports the first flight carrying Indian nationals will take off in the evening from Tel Aviv. Emergency Helpline numbers have been issued for Indian diaspora residing in both Israel and Palestine. MEA has set up control rooms in Israel and Palestine to monitor the developments in the operation Ajay.

Consult general of Israel to Mumbai Kobbi Shoshani lauded the effort of Indian Government and operation Ajay and assured that once the situation is normal Israel will welcome Indians again. In a post on X, he said “Wishing all the Indians settled in Israel to reach their homes safely, we promise that after ending the terror of Hamas-Isis, we will welcome all the Indians again. Jai Hind Jai Israel! #OperationAjay




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