Gaganyaan Test Mission accomplished, Test vehicle launched in second attempt  

National desk: The test mission of ISRO’s ambitious Gaganyaan mission, which is India’s Human space flight mission successfully completed after facing a technical glitch. The technical glitch appeared just few seconds before the scheduled launch and delayed the lift off the flight.

Test Vehicle D1 mission was scheduled for a lift-off from the first launch pad at 8 am which was revised to 8.45 am. But just 5 seconds before the launch, the countdown stopped and the vehicle couldn’t lift off.  ISRO immediately identified the cause and later moved the launch time 10am. At 10 am, successful test was conducted of the mission.

After the successful launch of mission, ISRO took to X and shared details of the mission.

ISRO chief S Somnath announced the successful accomplishment of Gaganyaan mission.

TV D1 test flight mission director S Sivakumar said, “This is like a never before attempt. It is like a bouquet of three experiments put together. We have now seen the characteristics of all three systems with what we wanted to test through this experiment or this mission. The test vehicle, the crew escape system, the crew module everything, we have perfectly demonstrated in the first attempt… All the systems performed well… We had been at penance for the last 3 to 4 years and the D day was today… We are very happy to be able to do it on the very first attempt.”


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