‘One step closer’… PM Modi congratulates ISRO scientists for successful test mission of Gaganyaan

National desk: Today, Indian Space Research organization (ISRO) successfully accomplished the test of Mission Gaganyaan. Gaganyaan is India’s first human space flight programme which will be realized by the year 2025 as per ISRO.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to X and congratulated the scientists for their accomplishment. He said, “This launch takes us one step closer to realising India’s first human space flight program, Gaganyaan. My best wishes to our scientists at @isro.”

Today, following a last minute glitch, the lift off of Test vehicle was rescheduled. Earlier the lift off was scheduled for 8.45 am but later it was moved to 10 am. The test flight was accomplished successfully and crew escape system performed as intended making this test of Mission Gaganyaan successful.

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