CWC unanimously supports caste census; congress ruled states to conduct caste census, says Rahul

New Delhi: Following a meeting of the congress working committee here in the national capital today, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed a press conference and said that the CWC has unanimously passed a resolution which supports caste census in the whole country. Gandhi also asserted that congress ruled states will conduct caste census in the coming time.

Recently, Nitish Kumar led government in Bihar conducted caste-based census in Bihar and published its findings. Rahul even said that after the competition of caste census, party will conduct economic survey.

Rahul Gandhi further said that we will get the caste census conducted and will also insist on BJP to get it done. If they do not then they should step back because the country wants a caste census. When Rahul Gandhi was asked whether the I.N.D.I.A alliance would support the caste census, Rahul Gandhi said, most of the parties in the alliance are unanimous on the caste census. Some people may have differences of opinion and may also have their own opinions. We don’t have any problem with that.

Taking Dig at BJP Rahul said, “The PM is incapable of doing the caste census. Our 3 out of 4 CMs are from the OBC category. Out of 10 BJP CMs, only one CM is from the OBC category. How many BJP CMs are from the OBC category? The PM doesn’t work for the OBCs but to distract them from main issues.”


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