Industrialist Gautam Kapoor lauds ‘Sarkar Sanatkar Milni’

Jalandhar: Recently, Punjab Government organized a Government-Industrialist meet in the state. The meet focused to promote the existing industry and industrial growth in the state. The meet was attended various Industrialists including Jalandhar’s prominent exporter and owner of Raddison Hotel, Gautam Kapoor.

Gautam Kapoor attended the meeting held here in Jalandhar and appreciated the effort of Punjab Government. He suggested that such endeavors should be held regularly after a gap of few months. He said, “meeting with industry was a first ever initiative in the last 43 years, which is highly appreciable.”

The Government-Industrialist meet was also attended by other prominent Industrialists too. Chief Minister also assured the industry that Punjab Government was fully committed to take industry friendly decisions and initiatives in future too.

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