No guard of Honour for Agniveer Amritpal Singh because…. here’s what Indian Army says

Punjab Desk: Earlier, on October 11, 20-year-old Agniveer Amritpal Singh died of a gunshot. Singh was serving with a battalion of army in Poonch sector. Political row was sparked after Singh was not accorded with military honours during funeral here at his Singh’s native village in Mansa. Now the Indian Army has provided clarification and said that Army doesn’t differentiate between soldiers who joined prior to or after implementation of the Agnipath Scheme as regards entitled benefits and protocols.

Army in a release said that Singh died as he committed suicide after shooting himself while on sentry duty.

Army said “instances of death arising out of suicide/ self-inflicted injury, irrespective of the type of entry, are accorded due respect by the Armed Forces along with deep and enduring empathy with the family.  Such cases, however, are not entitled Military Funerals.” Indian Army further provided reference of Army Order of 1967 and said that such cases of suicides / self-inflicted injuries are provided financial assistance but are not entitled with Military honours.

Details were provided to clear the perspective and to further avoid any misunderstanding on part of Army on the unfortunate death of Agniveer Amritpal Singh.

The death of Amritpal Singh sparked row on the Agnipath  scheme of central government under which under which  all recruits will be hired only for a four-year period.

“The disbursement of financial assistance / relief, as per entitlement, is given due priority including immediate financial relief for conduct of funerals”, said release shared by Indian Army.

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