AQI soars as Air quality deteriorates, Check out the most polluted Indian cities

Air Quality Index in many cities of the country is soaring as a result of poor air quality. Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) released data of the cities having poor air quality. The data includes several cities within National Capital Region (NCR). Every Year, the air quality of National Capital and NCR deteriorates due to various factors.

Here are the top 10 cities with worst AQI as per CPCB data:   

Greater Noida              354

Faridabad                     322

Delhi                             313

Muzaffarnagar              299

Bahadurgarh                284

Manesar                       280

Kaithal                          269

Ballabgarh                    264

Bharatpur                     261

Bhiwadi                        261


The top position is secured by Greater Noida as the AQI recorded was 354 and falls in ‘Very Poor’. The 10th spot is shared by Bharatpur and Bhiwadi of Rajasthan as the category falls in ‘Poor’ category.

As per CPCB, the quality of air can be measured on the following scale. The category ‘Good’ of the Air Quality Index (AQI) lies between 0-50, ‘Satisfactory’ between 51-100, ‘Moderate’ between 101-200, ‘Poor’ between 201-300, ‘Very Poor’ between 301-400 and ‘Severe’ between 401-500.

The deteriorating air quality is a big concern as the prolonged exposure of such air can cause serious respiratory illness.

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